"I have had the privilege of knowing Zeena for 13 years, both as her Pilates instructor and in working together.  Throughout that time, Zeena has always been passionate about health and well being for herself and especially for others.  She continually finds ways to educate and expose people to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  She has always been a strong proponent of form and posture whether in weight training or Pilates."

Jennifer Pearlstein, Senior Faculty, BASI Pilates


" Being a Golf Professional, I have worked with many various fitness coaches.  Zeena is among the BEST! She is a great communicator, knowledgeable, and has great attention to detail; if one of my reps is out of form, she corrects my form and I repeat the rep recruiting the correct muscles. Pilates is a powerful exercise regimen, and I hope her book will inspire others to integrate precise, posture focused workouts into their routine."

Michelle Dube, LPGA Golf Professional


"As an actor, I've always been very conscious of keeping myself in shape.  I've turned to Zeena Dhalla over the years as someone who can teach me about my core, and how to keep the correct muscles in shape and to stay injury free.  Zeena brings to the world of Pilates her attention to detail, a clear passion for success, and a commitment to excellent.  I've known Zeena for over 20 years, and I have been consistently impressed with her ability to help her clients achieve their goals, in a gentle, but 'touch love' style."

Kristofer McNeeley, Actor/Hollywood Executive

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